Launch of the latest issue of PIA

5 December 2013

Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (PIA)

Volume 23 of the Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (PIA), the Institute's graduate student-run publication, will be launched later today.

Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (PIA) is a peer reviewed, open access journal that publishes research on all aspects of archaeology, museum studies, cultural heritage and conservation. Run by graduate students at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, and published annually, the aim of PIA is to provide authors with experience in publishing articles early in their careers.

Volume 23 (2013) includes:


  • J J Carver (Archaeology Director of Crossrail):The Challenges and Opportunities for Mega-Infrastructure Projects and Archaeology
  • With responses from Edward Cecil Harris (Burmudian Archaeologist and known for the Harris Matrix), Pilar Luna Erreguerena (INAH, Mexico), Natalie Vinton (Godden Mackay Logan Heritage Consultants, Sydney), Mehmet Ozdogan (Istanbul University, Turkey), Joe Schuldenrein (Geoarchaeology Research Associates, New York), John Barrett (University of Sheffield, UK), Sophie Jackson (MOLA, UK), Amanda Sutphin (NYC City Archaeologist, New York), and Meredith Linn (Barnard College, New York)


  • The Grandes Dames of New York City Archaeology: An Interview with Drs. Anne-Marie Cantwell, Nan Rothschild and Diana diZerega Wall by Hana Koriech & Meredith Linn

Research Papers

  • A Digital Public Archaeology? by Lorna Richardson
  • 'The Past Is Below Us': Urban Fantasy, Urban Archaeology, and the Recovery of Suppressed History by Hadas Elber-Aviram
  • The Role of Sculpture in Communicating Archaeology in Museums by Leah Acheson Roberts
  • Five Rings: Enclosing the London 2012 Olympic Games by Jonathan Gardner
  • Stinking Foreshore to Tree Lined Avenue: Investigating the Riverine Lives Impacted by the Construction of the Thames Embankment in Victorian London by Hanna Steyne
  • 'Have You Come to Take the King Away?': A Survey of Archaeology and Folklore in Context by Tina Paphitis
  • Maintained in Very Good Condition or Virtually Rebuilt? Destruction of Cultural Property and Narration of Violent Histories by Samuel Hardy
  • Through the Portal: Viking Motifs Incorporated in the Romanesque Style in Telemark, Norway by Kristine Oedeby
  • The Smell of Relics: Authenticating Saintly Bones and the Role of Scent in the Sensory Experience of Medieval Christian Veneration by Paul Brazinski & Allegra Fryxell


  • Who Or What Is Werethekau 'Great of Magic'? A Problematic Inscription (UC 16639) by Ahmed Mekawy-Ouda

Conference, Book and Exhibition Reviews

  • Reviews from Colin Sterling, Nikolas Gestrich, Tina Paphitis, Ethan Doyle White, Agathe Dupeyron, and Josie Rose Mills

Comic Strip

  • Gabriel Moshenska & Alex Salamunovich, Wheeler at War

Information about previous volumes of the journal is available on the PIA website. Any enquiries about the journal should be directed to the PIA Committee or follow PIA on Facebook and Twitter.