Dominic Perring on Roman London's underground secrets

3 October 2013

Dominic Perring being interviewed by CNN on Roman London's underground secrets

Dominic Perring (Director, Archaeology South-East) was interviewed on CNN this week to discuss the significance of the Roman skulls discovered by the London Crossrail project.

Dominic was interviewed for CNN's Connect the World programme yesterday evening (2 October) and spoke with Jonathan Mann, anchoring from the CNN HQ in Atlanta,   about the importance of the group of Roman skulls that have just been discovered during excavations by Museum of London Archaeology for Crossrail.

Dominic was called upon for his expert knowledge on Roman London - he is the author of two recently-published studies of Roman London - on London's military origins and also population decline and ritual landscapes in Antonine London  - in the Journal of Roman Archaeology as well as the classic volume on Roman London (Routledge, 1991).

Dominic suspects that some of the skulls came from victims of Roman reprisals conducted in the aftermath of the Boudican revolt in AD 60/61, that had been collected as trophies and left on display before ritual deposition in the waters of the Walbrook river, although it is also known that some human remains were washed out of Roman cemeteries known to lie to the north of Roman London.

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