In Search of Ancient Cultivated Soils in North and South China

Start: Dec 13, 2012 05:30 PM

Geoarchaeological research in China

Zhuang Yijie (Merton College, Oxford) will give the fifth International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology (ICCHA) China Night Lecture of 2012/13 at the Institute on 13 December.   


Geoarchaeological surveys were undertaken and analytical methods were applied to examine ecology, farming regimes and water-use strategies of prehistoric agriculture in north and south China. This paper presents preliminary results of two on-going projects in the southern Chinese Loess Plateau and the lower Yangtze River, respectively.

Relationships between prehistoric settlement patterns, models of prehistoric farming and anthropogenic impacts on regional landscapes will be also explored. The paper will finish with proposing immature thoughts on the comparative geoarchaeology of prehistoric farming between north and south China.


Dr ZHUANG Yijie just completed his PhD from the University of Cambridge and has taken up a Junior Research Fellowship at Merton College of the University of Oxford. His dissertation, entitled "Geoarchaeological Investigation of Early Agriculture, Ecological Diversity and Landscape Change in the Early Neolithic of North China", was focused on key issues concerning early agriculture, ecological diversity and evolution of people, environment and landscape in the early Neolithic. Apart from continuing the research on ecology of early agriculture in China, he is also involved in a number of collaborative projects in investigating the relationships between intensified land use, increased erosion and the development of early civilizations across the Eurasian continent.

The lecture will be followed by a wine reception in Staff Common Room and all are welcome!

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