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Historians, People and Brown Rats: Different Roles in Making Histories

Publication date: Nov 8, 2012 3:30:41 PM

Start: Dec 5, 2012 5:00:00 PM

Location: Room 412, Institute of Archaeology

Historians, People and Brown Rats: Different Roles in Making Histories

The final seminar in the series on 'New Approaches to the Past: Methodological Innovations in Heritage Research' organised by the Heritage Studies Section and Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies will take place at the Institute on 5 December.

Hilda Kean (Ruskin College, Oxford) will give a seminar entitled 'Historians, People and Brown Rats: Different Roles in Making Histories' and all are welcome.


Drawing on her latest book, The Public History Reader (ed with Paul Martin Routledge 2013) Hilda Kean will explore public history as a process by which the past is constructed into history and a practice which has the capacity for involving people as well as nations and communities in the creation of their own histories. Discussion of process is an integral part of the practice of public history - and of the book. Process also implies practice including the materials used for creating history as much as who decides what history is.

The recent destruction of archives at Ruskin College is one example of the ways in which traces of the past, found in student records, have been deemed to be unimportant. By way of sharp contrast traces of ephemera hoarded by rats under the floorboards have been recognised as wonderful glimpses of the past in the Hyde Park Barracks museum in Sydney.