Institute welcomes new Marie Curie Research Fellow

20 November 2012


Welcome to Daniela Rosenow who joins the Institute this month as a new EU Marie Curie-funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow.  

Daniela will undertake research at the Institute for the next two years on 'Glass in Late Antiquity: Science and Society (GLASS)' working with Thilo Rehren and Ian Freestone and benefiting from the Institute's extensive analytical facilities in the Wolfson Archaeological Science Laboratories.

The GLASS project seeks to address the lack of research about Late Antique to Early Islamic glass from Egypt by using archaeological, chemical, historical and analytical methods and integrating these results into a larger discussion of the economic, cultural, social and historical aspects of Egypt's glass production in the context of the Mediterranean glass trade throughout the Late Antique and Early Islamic periods.

The EU Framework 7 People programme provides support for researcher mobility and career development, both for researchers inside the European Union and internationally, helping them to build their skills and competencies throughout their careers.

The UCL Institute of Archaeology is one of the very few places in the world that is actively pursuing research on a truly global scale and has an outstanding record training doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. It is currently hosting three other Marie Curie Intra-European Research Fellows as well as an NWO/Rubicon-funded postdoctoral researcher.