'Don't Get Any Fancy Ideas about Specialising': 40 Years in a National Museum

Start: Nov 13, 2012 05:00 PM

Location: Room 209, Institute of Archaeology

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David Clarke will give a special seminar, reminiscing about his 40 years at the National Museum of Scotland, at the Institute on 13 November.

Dr David Clarke recently retired as Keeper of Archaeology at the National Museum of Scotland. Over the years he was responsible for a series of major exhibitions, including Symbols of Power which was one of the most influential prehistoric displays and catalogues ever produced.

David has always had a passion for modern and contemporary art and its role in opening the past to a wider audience. His major contribution to the National Museum of Scotland was the Early Peoples Gallery which combined contemporary pieces by Galsworthy and Paolozzi with prehistoric artefacts. In addition he has carried out major excavations at Skara Brae.

In this session he will reminisce and offer a series of thoughts about his long and varied experience.

All welcome!

Any enquiries about the event may be directed to Tim Schadla-Hall.