Prestigious Fellowship award for Institute alumna

11 October 2012

Meriel McClatchie

Congratulations to Meriel McClatchie, currently an Honorary Research Associate of the Institute, who was recently awarded a prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ireland to undertake research on early medieval agriculture.

Dr Meriel McClatchie completed her PhD thesis at the Institute in 2009, in which she explored archaeobotanical evidence for arable agriculture and social organisation in Bronze Age Ireland. She then played a key role in research projects on Neolithic agriculture at Queen's University Belfast from 2008 to 2010 and early medieval agriculture at University College Dublin in 2011.

In order to further develop the latter project, Meriel has been awarded a National University of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities. This is a prestigious award, as the scheme is open to researchers in all subjects of the humanities, and only three awards are made.

Meriel will soon commence the two-year research project at UCD focusing on archaeobotanical evidence for transformations in crop production in Ireland within its northwest European context, AD 500–1100. Her research will include a one-month visit to the Institute, during which time she will work with Andrew Reynolds and Stuart Brookes, experts in Anglo-Saxon Britain.