Niuheliang: the latest discovery and conservation

Start: Oct 11, 2012 05:30 PM

Location: Room 410, Institute of Archaeology

Niuheliang: latest discoveries and conservation

Guo Dashun (Former Director of Liaoning Provincial Institute of Archaeology, China) will give the second International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology (ICCHA) China Night Lecture of 2012/13 at the Institute on 11 October.

Prof Guo Dashun's lecture is entitled 'Niuheliang: the latest discovery and conservation' and all are welcome!


Niuheliang is a complex landscape of many smaller Neolithic, Hongshan culture sites, dating from the mid-4th millennium BCE. It is located in the western side of Liaoning Province, the southern part of north-eastern China, The whole site complex covers about 56 square kilometres, comprised of a series of valleys and hills. There are 43 Hongshan sites which have been discovered within the Niuheliang area, including several stone burial remains and ritual altars.

Most of the Niuheliang sites are located on the hilltops along the natural terraces from north to south as symmetric distribution with each site within intervisibility. This suggests an intended integrity for the whole Niuheliang landscape. Moreover, no settlement activity yet has ever been found within the burial landscape at Niuheliang, which could indicate the isolation of this complex from Hongshan habitations, and its establishment as a large-scale sacred landscape, centred by the Goddess Temple and surrounded by contemporary stone mounds on the neighbouring hills.


Prof Guo Dashun was the former Director of Liaoning Provincial Institute of Archaeology, China. He devoted himself to excavating the Niuheliang Site and studied Hongshan Culture for several decades. He is currently preparing the excavation report of the Niuheliang Site, which will come out later this year.

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