Institute launches new Masters degrees for 2013-14

28 August 2012

Small minaret near Gaukushan Medressa, Uzbekistan

The Institute will introduce three new masters degrees in 2013-14, the first of which is concerned with the archaeology and heritage of Asia.

The new MA in the Archaeology and Heritage of Asia will offer a comparative inter-regional perspective covering South Asia, Central Asia and China, with expert teaching and active research being undertaken by Institute staff in all of these regions, a situation unparalleled in any other institution in the UK or the USA.

This degree, which will be co-ordinated by Dorian Fuller, combines cultural heritage/management studies and research archaeology, which is also quite unique and cutting edge given that cultural heritage and research archaeology have progressively diverged and rarely inform each other.

According to the Institute's Director, Stephen Shennan:

  • "This exciting new degree builds on the outstanding worldwide expertise of the UCL Institute of Archaeology to offer a unique comparative approach to the Archaeology and Heritage of Asia, placing its remarkable civilisations and their heritage in a global perspective".

Further details about this new degree or enquiries about the other Masters degree programmes offered by the Institute should be directed to the Institute's Graduate Programmes Administrator, Lisa Daniel.