Institute contributes to school's careers day

15 August 2012

Ian Carroll co-ordinating the object handling session at Farnborough Sixth Form College's 'Moving On Day'

Institute staff contributed to Farnborough Sixth Form College's 'Moving On Day' last month discussing the study of archaeology and potential career paths.

Following the establishment of a link with Farnborough Sixth Form College by Andrew Gardner three years ago, Ian Carroll, Collections Manager and Charlotte Frearson, Undergraduate Programmes Administrator have participated in their annual 'Moving On Day' for its students.

The school invites employers and universities to speak to Year 12 & 13 students about university education and careers and this year Ian and Charlotte spoke to the group of students about the degree programmes offered by the Institute and possible careers following a degree in Archaeology. 

An object handling session with artefacts from the Institute of Archaeology Collections was also arranged for the students, highlighting collections care and management and also conservation of archaeological material.

Object handling session with artefacts from the Institute's collections at a school's careers day

Previous Farnborough students have gone on to study at the Institute and this year was no exception with many showing an interest in applying to UCL.

Few other subjects address the very wide breadth of transferable skills and topics covered in an archaeology degree. The academic, laboratory and fieldwork components within the degrees offered by the Institute of Archaeology give students a real advantage in developing their careers.

Any enquiries about undergraduate study at the Institute of Archaeology or the arrangement of a visit to a school/college/archaeological interest group may be directed to Charlotte Frearson.