Gordon Square Anniversary Events: World Archaeology Festival

Start: Jun 09, 2012 12:00 PM
End: Jun 09, 2012 07:00 PM

Location: Gordon Square Gardens, London WC1

Institute of Archaeology 75th anniversary in 2012

The Institute's 75th anniversary celebrations include two days of activities in Gordon Square gardens, immediately in front of the Institute of Archaeology, the second of which takes place on 9 June.

Saturday 9 June 2012

World Archaeology Festival: the past on your doorstep

Events are being planned to bring together staff of archaeological and related organisations who have an association with the Institute and will include a mini 'PrimTech' in Gordon Square. All activities are drop-in, there is no need to book, and will include a number of experimental techniques which will be displayed from 12-5pm:

  • Wattle and daub - Learn how to use ancient building techniques
  • Cave art - Try making paints and see what kind of cave art you can create. Find out what types of minerals were used to make the paints with our Geology experts
  • Sandpit archaeology - Learn how to excavate and unearth the past
  • Make a mosaic - Make a mosaic inspired by the past
  • Make it in stone - See how to work flint (flint knapping) into tools
  • Touching the past - Handle stone tools from the Institute's collections
  • Make a pot - Pottery making and use
  • Weaving & colouring the past  - Learn Dieing/weaving/basketry
  • Ancient farming - Learn how crops were processed in the past
  • Work those bones - Watch bones being made into tools as they did in the past
  • From skin to leather - See how animals' hides are transformed into leather
  • Meat: the ancestors - See how our ancestors processed meat

Tours of the Institute's world-renowned collections and object handling-sessions will be available while archaeologically-related activities for adults and children alike will also be on offer in the Institute building from 12-5pm. Again all activities are drop-in and will include:

  • Is it really the end of the world? - Discover the Maya calendar
  • Writing home - Be inspired by archaeologists' travels. Send postcards home inspired by your archaeological expedition at the Institute
  • Stained glass - Design your own stained glass window
  • Egyptian rituals - Make your own servant to work for you in the Egyptian afterlife. Wax modelling and painting of Shabti's
  • Piecing together the past - Visit the Institute's Conservation Laboratories to find out what's involved in conserving objects for display in museums and what we can discover during conservation
  • Noses and Toeses - discover where zoology and archaeology meet
  • Petrie pottery - Try making your own pot inspired by the Petrie Museum's collections

Don't miss the chance to explore Europe's largest archaeological institution and interact with some of our 80,000 objects! An information desk will be available on the ground floor to answer any queries you have while a 'pop-up cafe' on the 6th floor will be available when its time to take a break!

Registration for the event is essential. Please book your place here»

Details of the event on Friday 8 June are available here»