Book of the Year award for Joe Flatman

8 March 2012

Current Archaeology Book of the Year Award 2012

Congratulations to Joe Flatman whose book 'Becoming an Archaeologist: A Guide to Professional Pathways' won the Current Archaeology Book of the Year award for 2012.

Joe's award-winning volume, provides an informative view of the various career paths in archaeology and the mechanics of gaining employment. It includes a series of insider guides - interviews with real archaeologists, all young professionals who began careers within the last ten years, offering essential tips on how the interviewees got their first job and progressed in their careers.

Excerpts of the book are available online here»

Pathways to becoming an Archaeologist

The book has recently been reviewed in Antiquity with the reviewer indicating:

"...this is a book I would recommend to anyone contemplating a career in archaeology, career advisors and those teaching introductory archaeology."

Joe currently teaches the Institute's course on Applied Archaeology in the UK which introduces students to the realities of archaeological practice in  21st century Britain.