Institute launches new Heritage Policy Group

27 February 2012

Heritage Policy Group logo

The Institute of Archaeology is launching a new Heritage Policy Group to provide critical intellectual leadership on issues of domestic and international heritage policy.

The Heritage Policy Group will comment upon, monitor and inform the aims and objectives of governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as national, regional and local bodies concerned with archaeology and heritage, from the unique perspective and collective experience of the Institute of Archaeology.

The launch of the Heritage Policy Group is marked by the series of 75th Anniversary Debates which will consider a series of major themes relating to the role of archaeology in the modern world. The next debate in the series, on 'Archaeology and Politics', takes place this evening at the Institute.

The Heritage Policy Group has the following specific objectives designed to fulfill their overall aim:

  • To organise timely heritage policy debate and discussion events of relevance to policy makers, social commentators, academics, students, and the public and to expanding the Institute’s strategic leadership in heritage public policy.
  • To formulate statements on heritage policy from the unique, global perspective of the Institute at every level, from the local to the international, in collaboration with the Institute’s Centre for Applied Archaeology and Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies; Evaluating Archaeology Network and the Archaeology and Development Network.
  • To promote to the public and students alike the range of teaching undertaken at the Institute that relates to heritage policy and its development, highlighting in particular the transferable benefits of Institute degrees drawing upon the wide-ranging expertise among the Institute’s staff.
  • To facilitate networking opportunities for individuals and corporate bodies working in heritage policy development and implementation, providing an intermediary venue for the exchange of ideas and critical debate.
  • In time, to provide an online collation of heritage policy statements and guidance produced by other organisations, in the interim exploring possible funding sources to allow this work to be undertaken.

Any enquiries about the Heritage Policy Group may be directed to Joe Flatman in the first instance.