Chauvet in Perspective

3 February 2012

New courses in Rock Art available for 2011-12

The Chauvet Cave seminar and film screening organised recently by Didier Bouakaze-Khan has received significant coverage and may lead to the development of future collaborations in this area.

210 participants attended the special event at the the Institut Français in London on 18 January, including nearly 80 staff and students from UCL.  Prof David Lewis-Williams, founder of the Rock Art Research Institute at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg South Africa, gave an appreciation at the event while other eminent colleagues present included Prof Neil Parsons, an expert on Botswanan and Southern African history as well as Peter Robinson, Editor of the Bradshaw Foundation.

Prof Jean-Michel Geneste (Centre National de Prehistoire, Scientific Director of Chauvet Cave & Curator of Lascaux Cave) extended an invitation to Didier's students to participate in a field trip in Dordogne, hosted by the CNP. This will allow the students access to prehistoric decorated caves, some of which are not currently open to the public while the potential for the development of a joint research project in the field of rock art studies will also be explored.

Dr Robert J. Wallis (Richmond University) attended the event with a group of his students undertaking the MA in Art History & Visual Culture programme.

The event has also cemented links with the Institute Français who are keen to further develop and support rock art studies at UCL with topical collaborative events.

Didier is currently offering two graduate courses on rock art studies at the Institute of Archaeology: