Cave of Forgotten Dreams: Rock Art Seminar & Film screening

Start: Jan 18, 2012 02:00 PM

Location: Institut Francais, South Kensington, London SW7

Cave of Forgotten Dreams: Rock Art Seminar & Film screening

Didier Bouakaze-Khan will give a seminar at the Institut Français, South Kensington on 18 January, followed by a special screening of Werner Herzog's 3D film on Chauvet Cave.

The rock art seminar is sponsored by Prof Phillipe Lane (Head of Academic Cooperation, Institut Français in London) and will include presentations by Didier, Prof Jean-Michel Geneste (Scientific Director of Chauvet Cave & Curator of Lascaux Cave), and Julien Monney (a researcher working in Chauvet Cave).

The seminar will commence at 14.00 and will be followed by a screening of the film 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' in 3D at 16.00 and a reception.

All interested colleagues and students from the Institute of Archaeology are cordially invited to the event and must bring their UCL IoA ID Card to obtain free entry. Otherwise an entry fee is payable.

Registration for this event is essential, please contact Nicole Bea, Institut Francais, in advance.

Any enquiries may be directed to Didier Bouakaze-Khan.