Prizes awarded to Institute students 2010-11

10 October 2011


Congratulations to the Institute students who have been awarded UCL, Faculty and departmental prizes for the 2010-11 academic session.

Social and Historical Sciences Faculty Prizes

Dean’s List for Excellence

Students who are cited on the Dean’s List receive a certificate and their names were published in the Graduation Ceremonies Handbook and announced at the Graduation Ceremony on 6 September.  

  • Jessie Dunlop
  • Adah Edmondson
  • Patrick Endall
  • Alice Gibbs
  • Alice Gomer
  • Alexandra Guglielmi
  • Naomi Russell
  • Fiona Sutherland
  • Josephine Warren

Institute of Archaeology Prizes

Gordon Childe Prize (jointly) for the best final-year undergraduate(s)

  • Alexandra Guglielmi
  • Emily Wright

Peter Dorrell Book Prize for Archaeological Photography

  • Kihye Park

Hellyar Prize (jointly) for outstanding contributions to the life and work of the Institute of Archaeology

  • Katherine Piper
  • Naomi Russell
  • Josephine Warren

Roy Hodson Prize for the best dissertation(s) in Prehistory

  • Jessie Dunlop
  • Emily Wright

Edward Pyddoke Book Prize for the best first-year field notebook

  • Mary Plummer

Margaret Murray Prize for Egyptology

  • Sam Derbyshire

Douglas Murray Prize (jointly) for Egyptology

  • David Colbran
  • Frederica Ugliano

Bryan Clauson Prize for work in Roman Archaeology

  • Alexandra Guglielmi
  • Fiona Sutherland

Irene Sala Prize (jointly) for Lithic studies

  • Tomos Proffitt
  • Andrea Zupancich

W F Grimes Prize for combined work in Archaeology and the Environment

  • Robert Power

Seton Lloyd Prize for research in Western Asiatic Archaeology

  • Can Aksoy

Ione Gedye Prize for Archaeological Conservation

  • For outstanding dissertation: Emma Payne
  • For outstanding practical work (jointly): Hazel Gardiner and Sylvia Haliman

Institute of Archaeology Master's Prizes for outstanding dissertations

  • Christopher Dunmore
  • Grace Fussell
  • Susan Green

UCL Prizes

Sessional Prizes (jointly) for outstanding undergraduate performance in Years 1 or 2

  • Murray Andrews
  • Alexandre Belvir
  • Henry Cassidy
  • Tiffany Heasman
  • Sidharth Kaushal
  • Ella Reiczyk
  • Filip Skoda
  • Hannah Tillim


The above list now includes additional prizes announced following the meeting of the MA/MSc Board of Examiners in Archaeology held in November 2011.