From archaeologist to environmental documentary film maker

11 August 2011

Environmental Films

Institute alumna, Louisa Gilbert is now part of an independent film production company specialising in environmental films, documentaries and commercials.

Environment Films is an independent production company, based in London, specialising in sophisticated films, documentaries and commercials for organisations whose work and interests are connected to the natural world.

The company was born out of the concern that many charities and NGOs were not able to enjoy the benefits of quality media because of the cost implications and as a result were often failing to reach the all-important audience at which their critical campaigns were aimed.  Environment Films' sincere commitment to such causes has seen the company provide a non-profit service to charities and NGOs for the past three years.

Further information about the films produced by the company is available on their website or on their dedicated Facebook page.

Environmental film making

Louisa, who studied for the Institute's BSc degree in Archaeology, graduating in 2010 has said "if I did not have the degree behind me there is no way I would have got this job and the time spent working in the field/museums/archive etc. definitely gave me an edge when I was interviewed. Although unrelated in subject matter, the degree was fantastic preparation for me."

Few other subjects address the very wide breadth of skills and topics covered in an archaeology degree. The academic, laboratory and fieldwork components within the degrees offered by the Institute of Archaeology give graduates a real advantage in developing their careers.

Louisa recently returned to the Institute to film some of the Institute's laboratory facilities for the documentary on which she is currently working.