New research on rock-cut graves

23 June 2011

Iberian rock-cut graves

Institute researcher Stuart Brookes is part of a collaborative research team undertaking new research on rock-cut graves in the Iberian peninsula.

Stuart and his colleagues from the University of Salamanca and the University of Lisbon are embarking on a new project entitled: 'Local territories and identities in the Iberian Peninsula: a spatial analysis of early medieval rock-cut graves'.

The research project, headed by Prof Iñaki Martín Viso, aims to investigate these enigmatic sites across three case-study areas in Spain and Portugal in an attempt to clarify questions about their dating and purpose. 

Fieldwork, including excavation and survey, has already started on the necropolis of São Gens, near Celorico in north-eastern Portugal. Lying amidst a multi-period valley complex of prehistoric, Roman and early medieval monuments, the site has over 50 examples of rock-cut graves, arranged around the 'Pedra do Sino' - The 'Bell-Stone'.

Further information about this new research project is available from Stuart Brookes.