Public engagement success at the Bloomsbury Festival

5 November 2010

Bloomsbury Festival

The Institute hosted a very successful event at the Bloomsbury Festival at the end of last month with student volunteers and staff greeting about 1,000 visitors who participated in the available activities.

The NERC-funded Early Rice Project was joined at the festival by Institute students and other members of staff, who had collated a number of archaeological objects from the Institutes's collection for object-handling sessions. 

Activities involving the floating of soil samples, sorting seeds, helping people build their own rice paddies and also object handling sessions went on over the two-day festival.  The Institute's marquee received a large number of visitors who all enjoyed the direct contact with the objects and the insight Institute students could give them about the objects and their origins.  The Bloomsbury Festival was to be a great success, and the presence of the Institute appears to have gone down very well with the public!

Activities at the Bloomsbury Festival

Congratulations to all who attended and participated in this event.

The Institute is also participating in UCL's Festival of Geology on 6 November.  Further details are available here»

Activities at the Bloomsbury Festival