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National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ)
On this website, you will find information on all the museums in Zimbabwe and all monuments and World Heritage sites.

Natal Museum
A popular tourist and educational amenity, and acclaimed centre of scholarly research and offers thousands of visitors a feast of attractive, modern, user friendly displays. The largest national museum in KwaZulu-Natal, the Natal Museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation, study and exhibition of objects of cultural and scientific value, concentrating on both the Natural and Human Sciences.

South African Museum - Iziko
'Iziko' is an isiXhosa word, meaning "a hearth". Since the hearth of a typical African homestead usually occupies the central space, Iziko symbolises both a hub of cultural activity, and a central place for gathering together South Africa's diverse heritage. To manage and promote Iziko's unique combination of South Africa's heritage collections, sites and services for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Origins Centre
The South African Museum of Rock Art is the first and largest part of the Origins Centre to open; the James Kitching Gallery, a museum devoted to dinosaurs and prehistoric life in general will open alongside SAMORA, thereby completing the Origins Centre.

Michael C. Carlos Museum:
Permanent Collection: Sub-Saharan African Art.

To find out about African national museums, find listings of museums by country.

Royal Museum of Central Africa

Cape Town Museums

Global Rock Art

National Museums of Kenya

British Museum: Africa Programme

Pretoria Art Museum

Robben Island Museum

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum


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