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The Journal of African Archaeology
An international, peer-reviewed periodical appearing half-yearly since 2003. It publishes papers focusing on aspects of African archaeology and related disciplines. The journal's main purpose is to provide scholars and students of archaeology with a new pan-African forum for discussing relevant topics on cultural dynamics of past African societies.

African Archaeological Review
This publishes articles on African archaeology, highlighting the contributions of the region as they relate to key global issues. Important topics include the emergence of modern humans, earliest manifestations of human culture, and the origins of African plant and animal domesticates. Contributions feature timely continental and subcontinental studies covering cultural continuities and discontinuities; interregional interactions; biocultural evolution; cultural dynamics and ecology; the role of cultural materials in politics and ideology; the
application of ethnohistorical, textual, and ethnoarchaeological data in archaeological interpretation; conservation; management of cultural heritage, information technology, and public archaeology. Papers present new field data from key excavation sites or localities aimed at understanding interregional processes, major cultural changes, and transitions in Africa's past, and Africa's place in world archaeology.

Southern African Humanities
This was formerly Natal Museum Journal of Humanities. Topics include archaeology, anthropology, history, material culture and heritage studies.

The Journal of Eastern African Studies
This is the new international publication of the British Institute in Eastern Africa, published three times each year. It aims to promote fresh scholarly enquiry on the region from within the humanities and the social sciences, and to encourage work that communicates across disciplinary boundaries. It seeks to foster inter-disciplinary analysis, strong comparative perspectives, and research employing the most significant theoretical or methodological approaches for the region.

A journal of the British Institute in Eastern Africa, this publication has, over the past 41 years, built up a strong track record in publishing papers on the archaeology and precolonial history of Eastern Africa. Today, the journal is expanding in scope and going forward in a new direction. The relaunched Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa will focus more exclusively on archaeology, while greatly expanding its chronological and geographical remit.

Nyame Akuma, Bulletin of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists

PanAfrican Archaeological Association
Website for the PanAfrican Archaeological Association with links to the forthcoming conferences and access to pdf files from the first conferences in the series.

African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter
Published quarterly, in March, June, September, and December.

Afrique : Archéologie & Arts

Bulletin Mega-Tchad (Mega-Tchad scientific network bulletin).
TOC and full text contents since issues of 1997.

International Newsletter on Rock Art (INORA) (English version).
Online since 2005, issue number 42.

Journal of African History

Journal of Environment and Culture
Though presented as the "the leading voice on environmental issues in Africa", the contents available via the World Archaeological Congress web site are limited to the first two volumes (2004 & 2005) with TOC and abstract of papers published, and the topics are mainly about Nigeria.

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

Mediterranean Archaeology

Nsi Liaison Bulletin.
Archaeology of Central Africa, some texts on eastern and southern Africa - TOC and full texts in pdf format, 1987-1992.

Sahara : Prehistory and History of the Sahara
Table of Contents and abstracts since vol.10, 1999.

Trust for African Rock Art Newsletters available for free download.



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