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A word from the editors

The primary motive for setting this website up originated from the current lack of open access to researches into the African past. Most of us publish in peer reviewed journals. It is an honourable thing to be recognised by the scientific community. While it is important to share our work with academic community, it should be equally praiseworthy to disseminate research to the wider world. Even when research is available to people in the West through libraries, it is unfortunate that very few actually read it. It is useful to ask what the point is of it all if we are serving merely the archaeological community. It is therefore urgent for us to disseminate our research in other ways too, in order to add a further value. It is particularly pressing for those of us who work in areas of the world such as Africa. We are aware of the fact that the local communities or even whole countries often lack any chance of accessing our research. One way of sharing our research with others, including Africans, is through the World Wide Web. This African Heritage and Archaeology website provides opportunity for researchers to post their own work and present it to the public (including academics) in the form of articles and project summaries.

The secondary purpose of this website is that it also will serve the research community by providing information about valuable resources. The AHA website will also post relevant upcoming conferences and events.

We hope you will enjoy it,
The Editors

Rock art site of Dhambalin, Somaliland Grain bin, Zimbabwe


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