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Paul Hubbard

  • MA from UCL

[Research: An Introduction to Matopo National Park, Zimbabwe - pdf file: 1.8 MB]

[Research: Review Article: Brown-Lowe, Robin. 2003. The Lost City of Solomon and Sheba: an African mystery. Gloucestershire: Sutton Publishing Ltd. - pdf file: 49 kB]

[Research: A bibliography of Zimbabwean archaeology - pdf file: 1.7 MB]

This is a bibliography of Zimbabwean archaeology. It has 4762 entries, comprehensive author and subject indices and covers articles from the early 1860s to 2005, both within Zimbabwe and the contiguous areas in surrounding countries. Published and unpublished sources in English, Afrikaans, French, German, Portuguese and Russian have been incorporated.

Rather tight security controls have been enabled for the PDF, so no content copying or extraction is allowed, although printing a hard copy is possible. You can use the search function in Adobe Acrobat to look for keywords that I may have not included in the subject index.

As mentioned in the introduction, if you do find any errors then please let me know so they can be rectified in future editions. I would also sincerely appreciate advice or suggestions on how to improve the format and arrangement of the bibliography.

Please feel free to distribute the file to interested parties, although taking care not to change the file in any way as well as forwarding my email address so that they can contact me if they wish.

Paul Hubbard
Paul Hubbard

I can be contacted on hubcapzw@googlemail.com (primary) or dhubbard@mweb.co.zw (secondary)


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