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African Heritage and Archaeology

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Here are the contributions on research into African archaeology and heritage issues. The contributions reflect research into different regions of Africa, including West Africa, Northern Africa, the Nile Valley, Eastern and Southern Africa. Submissions deal with a wide range of themes including Early African Civilizations, Early States, Medieval Trans-Saharan Trade Towns, Food production, Agriculture and Irrigation Systems, Metallurgy, Art and Symbolism, Rock Art, Heritage and Development, Archaeological Education and Community Archaeology.

Please write to us and send in your contributions. Instructions to authors.

NASA Landsat satellite image of Africa
NASA Landsat satellite image of Africa

Nick Black
- MSc from UCL
Dr. Paul Basu
- UCL Reader
Dr Dorian Fuller
- UCL Reader
Dr Anne Haour
- Lecturer University of East Anglia
Paul Hubbard
- MA from UCL
Dr Kevin Macdonald
- UCL Reader
Dr Katie Manning
Dr Sada Mire
- UCL Research Associate
Dr Sam Nixon
- PhD from UCL
Dr Samuel Oluwole Ogundele
- University of Ibadan Ibadan, Nigeria
Dr Andrew Reid
- UCL Senior Lecturer
Dennis Rodwell
- Independent heritage consultant
Dr Daryl Stump
- PhD from UCL
Dr. David Wengrow
- UCL Reader


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