Short Loan (Issue Desk) Collection


A number of books held in the UCL Institute of Archaeology Library have the item status 'short loan' or 'issue desk', e.g.

Mediterranean peoples in transition : thirteenth to early tenth centuries BCE : in honor of professor Trude Dothan / editors, Seymour Gitin, Amihai Mazar and Ephraim Stern. Jerusalem : Israel Exploration Society , 1998.

Item Status Due date Due hour Library site Classmark (shelf location) Collection Barcode
3 hour Available   Archaeology ISSUE DESK GIT Issue Desk 280555750X

These are items in high demand for teaching and similar collections of materials are held in a number of other UCL libraries, including the Main, Science and Cruciform libraries.

Issue desk items can be borrowed by all categories of library users or consulted in the library by users with reference tickets.

Loan periods and fines for short loan/issue desk books are:

10.00 - 13.00 50p per HOUR, or each part of hour
13.00 - 16.00 50p per HOUR, or each part of hour
16.00 - 10.00 (next day) 50p per HOUR, or each part of hour
                                                           (Short loan/Issue Desk items are due BEFORE 10am/1pm/4pm)
                              The due date and time will be stamped inside the book when you borrow it from the issue desk. 

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