Reduction of paper use

Advice on reduction of paper use
  • Publications should be laid out with the minimum necessary white space
  • Print on both sides of the paper, use line spacing of no more than 1.5, reduce margin size
  • Avoid using plastic binders/pockets, choose recycled card instead
  • Label your publications with relevant environmental information about how it was produced and use recycled paper when possible
  • If you print Powerpoint slides print double sided and select the ‘handouts’ function; it does not make a difference in slide size whether you print 6 or 9 to a page
  • If your printer does not allow double-sided printing, you can do it manually using Microsoft Word's printing features

    • select Print and look in the bottom left of the pop up screen and select the print box (under the print what box) and change from all pages in the range to odd pages
    • then flip the printed pages over and put them back in the printer, then go back to Print and print out the even pages.
Paper use

We have gone from 1.5 million sheets of paper in 2010 to 402,000 sheets of paper in 2011/12.  We aim to meet the UCL target of 5% reduction in paper use by more duplex printing and use of scrap paper printed on one side (GOOS).  We also aim to increase the reuse of jiffy bags and large envelopes. 

We aim to improve distribution of documents with dropbox, PDF sharing, electronic reading lists, departmental web site and moodle.  Use of more tablets in meetings may decrease demand for printed copies and it may be possible to project large documents or share copies rather than give every participant a copy.

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