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The Network for Student Activism uses web-based resources to build knowledge and to foster critical thought about some of the important issues that shape today's world. This interactive, web-resource encourages students and other Network users and partners to work together online and offline to help identify and advocate for implementable and practical solutions to specific problems facing the world.We take an anthropological approach to these areas of activism, each of which is divided into four areas of activity.

Rights, morals and ethics
Marginalised peoples claims to sovereignty and political economy are often fundamental to their ability to defend their cultural livelihoods, although their relationship with natural environments often do not lend themselves easily to notions of ownership.

Economic changes in advanced industrial societies over the past three decades have triggered widespread transformations in the way we organise the world. These changes, combined with technological advancements, have led to the emergence of a global capitalist exchange system. This phenomenon, termed globalisation, have been accused of homogenising the globe and endangering the ability of traditional peoples to preserve their ways of life. Some argue that this is a good thing and markets will eventually balance themselves if left alone to enterprising capitalists. Others say protectionists policies are now more than ever important for those who suffer because of international economic inequality

Health and wellbeing
Recent studies have shown that the presence or absence of a health-care provider among a group of people residing together is the single most important indicator of whether or not people believe themselves to be members of a viable community. In the west, for instance 'health' is largely a biological notion, but in many societies health and well being are synonymous.

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