Selection Reading List

All applicants are required to complete a short 1000 word essay within the deadline specified on their letter.

Four copyright-free papers written by academics from each section of the Department are provided below. Please choose ONE article from EACH section: one from biological anthropology, one from material culture and one from social anthropology.

Read the three articles you have chosen carefully and write an essay telling us what you liked and did not like in the articles you chose. Concision and eloquence are valued, so the word limit must be strictly respected. References and footnotes do not count towards the word limit.

Please title your essay ‘Entrance essay for BSc in Anthropology’, with your UCAS number, name and date clearly on the top line. List the titles of the three essays you have chosen on the second line.

Completed essay should be submitted electronically to the Admissions Coordinator (temporary), Alice Elliot (, within the deadline specified on your letter.

Biological Anthropology

Living Differences: The Paradigm of Animal Cultures PDF Icon
Nomads, Refugees and Repatriates: Histories of Mobility and Health Outcomes in Northern Mali PDF Icon
Pastoralism and Conservation – Who Benefits? PDF Icon
Brief Communication: Contributions of Enamel-Dentine Junction Shape and Enamel Deposition to Primate Molar Crown Complexity PDF Icon

Material Culture

Coca-Cola: A Black Sweet Drink from Trinidad PDF Icon
Ways of Enchanting
PDF Icon
Facebook and Community – A Story
PDF Icon
Memory, Melancholy and Materiality
PDF Icon

Social Anthropology

Enlivened Memories: Recalling Absence and Loss in Mongolia
PDF Icon
How does genocide happen? PDF Icon
The Modern Greek Devil: Cosmology or Rhetoric? PDF Icon
Why are some people powerful? PDF Icon

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