ANTH7022 - Human Brain, Cognition and Language

Term 1


The course analyses human cognition from evolutionary and functional perspectives. The first part of the module places the human brain in a comparative and evolutionary context. The second part analyses differences and similarities between the human mind and other forms of animal cognition and the concept of consciousness. The final part of the module is dedicated to language. We analyse the theories proposed by Chomsky, Pinker, the idea of a ‘universal grammar’, recent research in neurolinguistics, comparative studies of animal communication, and sociolonguistic studies of language differentiation, in order to categorise the origin, uniqueness and diversity of human language.


Taught by: Dr Lucio Vinicius
Assessment Unseen 2.5 hours written exam (100%)
Student Contact Hours:
1 x 2 hour lecture per week + 2 x 2 hour tutorial
Prerequisites: None.
Option Type:
Biological Anthropology

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