ANTH7018 - Human Behavioural Ecology

Term 2


This is a new evolutionary anthropology course, open to all second and third years. It is about how human behaviour evolves as a response to different ecological circumstances. Topics will include basic behavioural ecology (as applied to both animal and human behaviour) and also some evolutionary psychology and cultural evolution. Topics will include mate choice, life history evolution, kinship and marriage systems in humans.

This course is a pre-requisite for the third year options ANTH3050: Evolution and Human Behaviour, and ANTH3005: Hunter Gatherers, Past, Present and Future.

This course partially replaces BIOL2011: Behavioural ecology and Sociobiology (which is now discontinued), so for this year only it is not suitable for those third years who already did BIOL2011: Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology last year.


Taught by: Prof Ruth MaceDr Lucio Vinicius
Assessment: Unseen 2.5 hour written exam (100%) + 2000 words non-assessed essay
Student Contact Hours:

One 2 hour lecture per week, followed by 1 hour tutorial every two weeks (4 total)

Prerequisites: None.
Option Type:
Biological Anthropology

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