ANTH3057 - RitualHealing and Therapeutic Emplotment

Term 2


Summary of the course contents:

  1. Overview of the Seminar and Definitions of Ritual and Emplotment
  2. An Introduction to Ritual Process
  3. The Social Production and Ethnographic Description of Religious and Healing Experiences
  4. The Anthropology of Symbolic Healing
  5. Therapeutic Emplotment and Narrative Persuasion
  6. Therapeutic Consciousness Modification and Psychedelics
  7. Case Study: The Peyote Ceremony
  8. Expressive and Therapeutic Aspects of Spirit Possession
  9. Ritual Efficacy


Taught by: Dr Joseph Calabrese
Assessmen 1 x 3000 words essay (100%)
Student Contact Hours:
1 hour lecture + 1 hour seminar per week
Prerequisites: ANTH3007: Medical Anthropology
Option Type:
Medical Anthropology

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