ANTH3055 - Transforming and Creating the World: Anthropological Perspectives on Techniques and Technology

Term 1


In the 20th century anthropology made a name for itself as a discipline partly by using ethnographic descriptions as a vantage point from which to question assumptions that other disciplines take for granted. While throughout the 20th century this intellectual investment in alterity & was deemed as a form of professional relativism &, in recent years anthropologists have used ethnography in order to experiment with ways of thinking that go beyond oppositions between relativism and universalism and the assumptions that underlie them. Examining ethnographically-driven experimentations with basic anthropological concepts such as society &, culture &, time &, and the person &, the course also explores the transgressive potential of such forms of anthropological thinking in relation to contemporary political concerns. The course is suitable, and may appeal especially, to students with a keen interest in recent theoretical developments in worldwide social anthropology.


Taught by: Dr Ludovic Coupaye
Assessment: 1 x 2500 words essay (75%) + 1 x 1000 words logbook (25%)
Student Contact Hours:
2 hour seminar + 1 hour tutorial per week
Prerequisites: ANTH1005/A: Introduction to Social Anthropology and ANTH2006: Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology and Material Culture. 3rd year students only.
Option Type:
Material Culture

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