ANTH3050 - Evolution and Human Behaviour

Term 2


The course will study to what extent evolutionary processes (genetic and cultural) explain human behaviour, life history and cultural norms as adaptive responses to their environmental circumstances.  This is a seminar based reading and discussion course for those who have already had an introductory lecture course in animal and human behavioural ecology (ie ANTH7018: Human Behavioural Ecology), and now want to explore the subject in more depth.


Taught by: TBA (new recruit)
Assessment: 2 hour unseen written exam (50%) + 1 x 2500 words essay (40%) + oral presentation (10%)
Student Contact Hours:
1 x 2 hour seminar per week
Prerequisites: 3rd year Anthropology and Human Sciences students only who have completed ANTH7018: Human Behavioural Ecology in their second year
Option Type:
Biological Anthropology

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