ANTH3020 - Social Construction of Landscape

Term 2 only


Landscapes are never inert: people engage with them, re-work them, appropriate them and contest them. They are part of the way in which identities are created and disputed.  Criss-crossing between history and politics, social relations and cultural perceptions, landscape is a ‘concept of high tension’.  It is also an area of study that blows apart from conventional boundaries between disciplines. This course looks at the number of theoretical approaches to the Western Gaze; colonial, indigenous and prehistoric landscapes; contested landscapes; and questions of heritage and ‘wilderness’.


Taught by: Prof Chris Tilley
Assessment: 100% by one 5,000 word assessed essay/project.
Student Contact Hours:
1 x 2 hr lecture + 1 hr tutorial per week
Prerequisites: 2nd and 3rd year students only.
Option Type:
Material Culture

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