ANTH2008 - Being Human

Term 2


The course will investigate different research and sub-disciplinary approaches to the overarching anthropological questions of what is the basis of humanity and what makes humans human.

Each student will spend two weeks with 4 different members of staff from the different subsections in the department. Each staff member will develop two questions which contribute to the way their research approaches the fundamental anthropological question of what it means to be human – and these questions will be accompanied by three readings which the students must read before the session and discuss during the tutorial. Students will also identify one reading themselves for each tutorial topic. For this reason it is impossible to outline a clear syllabus because each staff member will address different topics which develop out of their own research interests. By the end of the course all students will have had two sessions with staff from each subsection of the department: biological anthropology, social anthropology, medical anthropology and material culture.


Taught by: Prof Sara Randall
Assessmen 1 x 3000 words essay (75%) + student summaries (25%)
Student Contact Hours:
1.5-2 hour small group (4-5 student) tutorial per week
Prerequisites: None. Core course for Anthropology 2nd year students. Only available to BSc Anthropology and BSc Anthropology with a year abroad.
Option Type:
Biological Anthropology/Material Culture/Medical Anthropology/Social Anthropology

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