ANTH1005B - Introduction to Social Anthropology II

Term 2 only


This one term course provides an introduction to anthropological thinking by examining two fundamental aspects of human social organisation - provisioning (economics) and reproduction (kinship). These are two areas of human activity where strong universalist claims have been made and the course explores, through a wide range of case studies, how anthropological understandings of culture and history can be reconciled with economistic and biological reasoning. Topics include the evolution of money, the false contrast of gift and commodity, the reproduction of poverty in industrial society, kinship terminology, conceptions of the relations between bodies, family, household and houses, and the role of kin-based societies within the global political order.


Taught by: Dr Michael Stewart , Dr Alex Pillen
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Assessment: 2.5 hour unseen written exam (100%) + non-assessed essays
Student Contact Hours:
2 hour lecture + 1 hour tutorial per week
Prerequisites: Normally ANTH1005A: Introduction to Social Anthropology (0.5 unit) however this prerequesite is waived in some circumstances, especially for Affiliate students arriving in term 2.
Option Type:
Social Anthropology

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