ANTH7005 - Population Studies

Term 1


An introduction to the study of human populations focusing on patterns and determinants of fertility and mortality.  The course examines the interplay between biological and social determinants of change in the basic population parameters, using examples drawn largely from contemporary developing countries, although issues in historical demography and contemporary developed-country demography are touched upon; theories of population change, population and resources, population policy.  This course is a natural continuation from the human and disease ecology part of ANTH1014 and ANTH1014B.  High levels of quantitative skills are not required although students should be able to interpret simple graphs.


Taught by: Prof Sara Randall
Assessment: 2 hour unseen written exam (55%) + 2000 words essay (30%) + group presentation (10%) + practical book (5%)
Student Contact Hours:
14 x 1 hour lectures + 1 x 1 hour practical + 4 x 1 hour tutorials, 3 x 2 hour country profile sessions
Prerequisites: None. 
Option Type:
Biological Anthropology / Medical Anthropology

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