ANTH3017 - Anthropology and Psychiatry

Term 2


The course examines: a) popular understandings of psychology, self-hood and abnormal experience in different societies, and how they may be organised into a body of knowledge; b) the relationship between popular and professional notions of 'mental illness' and their roots in the wider social, economic and ideological aspects of different societies, with particular respect to women and minority groups; c) the contribution of academic psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis to social anthropology; d )running through the course is the question of whether we can reconcile naturalistic and personalistic modes of thought and, if so, how.


Taught by: Prof Roland Littlewood
Assessment: 2.5 hour unseen written exam (75%) + 2000 words essay (25%)
Student Contact Hours:
2 hour lecture and 2 hour seminar per week
Prerequisites: ANTH2006: Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology and Material Culture and ANTH3007: Medical Anthropology or permission from tutor.
Option Type:
Medical Anthropology

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