ANTH1001 - Introduction to Material and Visual Culture

Terms 1 & 2


A general introduction to material culture studies including their history, comparative study of technology; theories of artifacts; art and museum practice and theory; theories of social evolution and an outline of social development from early hunter-gatherers to premodern states and the development of the modern world.

Themes treated:

Term1: Museums, Technology, Art, Photography
Term2: Consumption, Architecture, Landscape, Digital


Taught by: Dr Ludovic Coupaye
Assessment: Unseen 2 hour written exam (30%) + 2000 words essay (10%) + 60 pages lab book (40%) + 1500 words object Analysis (20%)
Student Contact Hours:
3 x 1 hour lectures + 1 hour tutorial + 2 hour lab session every 2 weeks:
1st week: 2 x 1 hour lectures + 1 hour tutorial
2nd week: 1 hour lecture + 2 hour lab session
Prerequisites: None. Core course for first-year Anthropology students.
Option Type:
Material Culture

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