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UCL Anthropology Working Papers Series

UCL Anthropology
University College London
14 Taviton Street
London WC1H 0BW

ISSN 1759-6688
Editorial Board: Lucio Vinicius, Luke Freeman

© Copyright rests with the authors

The UCL Anthropology Working Papers Series demonstrates the full range of research carried out in the Department of Anthropology at UCL. It includes working papers by academic staff, post-docs and research students, as well as revised versions of the best dissertations produced by our undergraduate students and students on our taught Masters' courses.

Working Paper No.

Name / Title


Frances Ryan

The ‘Typical Story’ of Obstetric Fistula: The Need to Enhance Awareness, Action and Funds


Muhammed Ahmed

Change Through Sohbet: Agency and Selfhood in the Gülen Movement


Gareth Breen

The Mingled Spirit of the Blended Bodies: Non-Dualism and “the Church in Nottingham”


Charlotte Peel

Made in Germany: The experiences and decision making processes of migrant mothers in Berlin


Clare Stott

Local-level Knowledge Flows in Climate Change Adaption:
The Significance of External Knowledge for Agricultural
Action in Coastal Bangladesh


Daniel Sherer

‘Why Does The Method Seem So Confusing?’
An Ethnographic Exploration of Success, Selfhood, and Capitalism in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, New York


Rosalie Allain

Spectrum of Visibility: An Exploration of Astronomical Techniques of Visualization


Jane Roberts

Dispensing Knowledge and Shaping Experience: The Role of Popular Media in the Lives of Women with Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder


Alice Clough

Combating Urban Disengagement? Stickers as a Form of Street Art


Alice Armstrong

'Sakawa' rumours: Occult internet fraud and Ghanaian identity


Carolina Comandulli

Protectionists and the Guaraní: the village that did not exist
Socio-environmental conflict in Southern Brazil


Sarah Wilkes

Materials Matter: An Anthropological Study of Materials Libraries


Alice Elliot

Legal, Social and Intimate Belonging: Moroccan and Albanian Second Generation Migrants in Italy


Lewis Daly

Food, Gender, and Shamanism: Society and Cosmology in Amazonia


Alison Macdonald

'Real' and 'Imagined' Women: A Feminist Reading of Rituparno Ghosh's Films.


Max Bondi

Things of Africa: Rethinking Candomblé in Brazil


Katerina Georgiadis

Migration and Reproductive Health: A Review of the Literature

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