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(Coordinated by Rebecca Irons)

WHERE AND WHEN: Fortnightly for lunch, Mondays 1-2pm, Room 131
: Monday 19th October

This is a fortnightly meeting, also referred to as ‘Repro Lunch’, of graduate students and staff from various backgrounds who share an interest in the anthropology of human reproduction. The group aims to provide a forum for cross-disciplinary exchange between social, medical and evolutionary anthropology on topics such as variation in fertility rates, beliefs and attitudes regarding reproduction, maternal and child health, parenting behaviours, and related demographic and social phenomena. The group shares a commitment to communication across the traditional barriers dividing perspectives in anthropology with the aim of enriching the research and learning environment of group members. Meetings are held Monday lunchtimes (1pm-2pm) and members are encouraged to bring their lunch to eat (or share) at the meeting.

Each week, two or more readings are assigned by the group and used as the basis of discussion (~1 hour). Each pre-circulated reading will take a different, and often contrasting, theoretical perspective on the same reproductive phenomena. Readings may include classic readings on a topic or recently published research. On occasion the meeting may also be used to discuss work in progress of group members, such as draft articles, thesis chapters, project proposals or research/data collection instruments.

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