Palaeoanthropology and Comparative Anatomy (PACA)

(Run by Christophe Soligo and Matt Skinner)

WHERE AND WHEN: TBA, Room 227 (Aiello Lab), Anthropology
: Thursday 3th October, 1-2pm, Room 227 (Aiello Lab)

PACA is an informal grouping of research students and staff with an interest in research related to palaeoanthropology and comparative anatomy who meet on a regular basis during term time. Meetings are used to discuss recent publications and/or current research by students and staff. Depending on perceived needs or interest, we also organise workshops to promote the transfer of methodological skills and, when opportunities arise, we invite speakers from outside UCL to give informal presentations.

The group’s core activity is a fortnightly one-hour meeting starting in the first week of the teaching term. The timetabling, however, is flexible and additional and/or extended meetings can be arranged in consultation with all interested parties. The programme for each term is determined in the first session.

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