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Middle East & North Africa and Anthropologies of Islam

(Run by Charlotte Loris-Rodionoff, Narges Ansari, and Alice Elliot)

WHERE AND WHEN: Alternate Fridays, 4-6pm, Staff Common Room
Friday 17 January, 4-6pm, Staff Common Room

In view of the growing number of students and staff researching Islam and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region in the department, this Research and Reading group is intended as a space to develop critical discussions on seminal texts on the area and on ethnographically cardinal Islamic concepts, as well as an avenue to share ongoing research and writings. The aim of the RRG is to become a critical and collaborative avenue for reading and discussing key texts in the Anthropology of Islam, the Middle East, and North Africa, theorise ethnographically Islamic concepts and cosmologies, and familiarise ourselves with aspects of Middle Eastern philosophies relevant to ethnographic research. The group mainly focuses on original ethnographic research and anthropological theory, but it also aims to bring together students from other disciplines –e.g. history, philosophy and political sciences - to establish an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the region. Designed around researchers’ interests, our sessions will approach questions emerging from topics such as violence, religion, politics, cosmology, intimacy, morality, gender, etc.

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