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Human Evolution Ecology Group (HEEG)

(Coordinated by Ruth Mace)

WHERE AND WHEN: Thursdays, 1-2pm, Room 131
FIRST MEETING: Thursday 8th October, 1-2pm

The Human Evolutionary Ecology Group, located in the Department of Anthropology at UCL, is one of the largest collections of researchers in the UK investigating human evolutionary ecology. We study human behaviour and life history as adaptations to local environments - which includes not only human behavioural ecology but also the related areas of evolutionary demography, evolutionary medicine and cultural evolution. Many of us are specifically interested in human reproduction, including human reproductive scheduling and patterns of parental investment and we are also working on the ecology of co-operation. We are running a range of projects including those based on field studies ranging from traditional rural African and Asian populations to post-industrial, urban populations in the UK, and some that are making use of existing historical or modern medical or demographic datasets. We discuss any papers the group feel are of interest, and may also host informal talks from each other or visitors.

For more information visit HEEG website.

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