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Biosocialities and Medical Anthropology

(Coordinated by Sahra Gibbon, Alison Macdonald, Aaron Parkhurst, Jesse Bia, Lucy Irvine, and Ignacia Arteaga)

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This reading group will examine and discuss new trends in Medical Anthropology, looking at recent ethnographic research from a broad range of perspectives and sources.  We will explore how anthropologists are expanding the theoretical limits of the discipline, engaging with new technologies and investigating new field sites to challenge existing constructs and understandings of health, the body, and medicine.

 A particular emphasis will be placed on the concept of ‘biosociality’ (Rabinow 1996, see also Rose and Novas 2001, Gibbon and Novas 2008, Nugyen 2007, Petryna 2002), to explore how ideas and perceptions of citizenship and identity are shaped by health status, new health technologies, and medical interventions in diverse cultural contexts.

There will be fortnightly one-hour meetings in which pre-circulated readings will be discussed that are relevant to the themes of group. Readings will be available on Moodle. Subsequent weeks will enable the possibility of group members to share and discuss their own work in a supportive environment (article, thesis chapter, research proposal, ethics application etc.). The group is open to staff, post-docs and all post-graduate students.

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