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Post Doctoral Fellow (2012-2014)

PhD in Anthropology (2011), Emory University, USA
MPH in Global Health (2011), Emory University, USA
BA in Archaeology, Classics, and Classical Art (2000), UCL, UK

Tel: +44 (0)207 679 8645


I am interested in human development under diverse conditions. My primary field site is Ethiopia, where since 2007 I have conducted a longitudinal study of child development in Jimma. My work in Ethiopia has also involved collaboration with Emory University's Center for Global Safe Water , and the Maternal and Neonatal Health in Ethiopia Partnership. I am currently planning new research in Congo Brazzaville with the Hunter Gatherer Resilience project.


Stevenson, E.G.J. and C.M. Worthman. (in press) Anthropological perspectives on child well-being. In A. Ben-Arieh, F. Casas, I. Frones, and J.E. Korbin, eds. Handbook of child well-being. Heidelberg: Springer.

Stevenson, E.G.J., Greene, L., Maes, K.M., Ambelu, A., Tesfaye, Y.A., Rheingans, R., and Hadley, C. (2012) Water insecurity in 3 dimensions: Water and women’s psychosocial distress in Ethiopia. Social Science and Medicine.

Hadley, C., Stevenson, E.G.J., Tadesse, Y., and Belachew, T. (2012) Rapidly rising food prices and the experience of food insecurity in urban Ethiopia: Impacts on health and well-being. Social Science and Medicine.

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