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Charlotte Townsend-Gault


Associate Professor

Department of Art History and Visual Art
University of British Columbia.

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General Interests

  • Approaches to contemporary First Nations art and material culture in
    North America in the interstitial zone between art history and social
  • Indigenous rights, their impact on the social relations of production
    and reception for Indigenous arts in North America, Australia and New
  • 20th century official and institutionally commissioned portraits, the
    ways in which the conventions around such portraiture persist and adapt
    in neo-colonial situations.

While visiting research fellow at University College London:

  • Completing 'Art Claims in the Age of Delgamuukw' for The Idea of
    Northwest Coast Native Art: A Critical Historiography. an anthology,
    with chapters by 28 contributors, co-edited with Ki-Ke-In and Jennifer
  • Completing manuscript Masked Relations: Display and Disguise on the
    Northwest Coast.
  • Is the Postcolonial Museum Possible? - in collaboration with Michael
  • Working with Ki-ke-in, Nuu-chah-nulth scholar and artist, and Jonathan
    King, Keeper of Ethnology, on the histories of Nuu-chah-nulth
    collections in the British Museum.

Recent publications:


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'Introduction', and 'Struggles with Aboriginality/Modernity',
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Currently supervising graduate students working on: First Nations
imagery on Canadian currency; museum performativity; Tsimshian photography;
Ellen Neel, Kwakwaka'wakw carver; Coast Salish basketry and memory;
politics of indigenous cultural exchange between Canada and Australia.