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Research Students - Social Anthropology
Julia Frajtag Sauma  

Start date: Sept 2008
Proposed finish date: Sept 2012

ESRC Studentship

Working Title: The Encantado: Maroon groups, politics and cosmology in the Brazilian Amazon

My research centres on Maroon political mobilisation and socio-cosmology in the Brazilian Amazon. Maroons (or /Quilombos/ in Brazil) are descendants of enslaved Afro-Americans who escaped enforced labour regimes before the abolition of slavery in the Americas. In Brazil they are highly politically organised groups with regional, national and international networks. For my Phd I aim to look at how political mobilisation is conceptualised by the Maroons themselves (rather than the researchers who write about them) and how this connects to broader socio-cosmological frameworks, in an attempt to critically engage with and move beyond questions of "ethnicity" and "identity politics".


Sauma, Julia. 2008.'Street Encounters: betrayal and belonging in youth gangs.' In PPR, v. 15(1), 32-35.

Sauma, Julia. 2007. 'Encontros Cartografados: Reflexões iniciais sobre encontros entre meninos e educadores de rua.' In Cadernos de Campo, São Paulo. Vol. 14/15.

Sauma, Julia. 2002. 'Children on the streets of Brazil.' In Edges Magazine, London. Issue 28.

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