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Research Students - Social Anthropology  

Year of start: 2011/12
Subject: Social Anthropology

Research Topic/ Provisional Dissertation Title

Medical Anthropology


Prof. David Napier
Prof. Joe Cain


Being my background in Philosophy and Psychology and having worked during both my BSc and MSc theses on subjects such as Psychoanalysis, History of Medicine and History of Psychiatry, my interests have developed around two main points that can be considered at the intersection between these subjects and Anthropology and that my research project will try to analyse:

  • the psychiatrist- patient relationship with a focus on which is the role played by empathy within it;
  • the role played by medical institutions on the formation of medical students/future psychiatrists as well as on the development of empathy itself.

Academic Background/Education

MSc in Psychology
MSc ( Laurea Specialistica) Philosophical Sciences
BSc ( Laurea triennale) Philosophy


Elena Cingolani, Autonomia della ragione?, in I problemi della pedagogia. Anno 55, n. 1-3 (gennaio-giugno 2009), Roma. Pp. 513-530.

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