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Research Students - Material Culture  
name Chih-I Lai  

Year of start: 2007
Subject: Material Culture

Research Topic/ Provisional Dissertation Title

Crafting Taiwan through Design


Professor Michael Rowlands


Since the industrial revolution, there is the alienation between deskilling and workplace (Adamson 2010); this alienation now days was even more deteriorate in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) production model in many Asian countries which cheaply produce things we need in everyday life. This paper will discuss this phenomenon through designs with bamboo, a traditional but lately global preferred material. As the British designer Tom Dixon highlights bamboo as one of “the material of 21st century”, many designers all over the world also agree with him that bamboo is the potential material for new green designs. However, bamboo is more than a green material but a significant material for Taiwanese designers and craft makers.

In the Taiwanese vernacular material culture, bamboo is widely used to assemble almost everything from kitchen utensils to dwellings. Therefore, when creating the Yii collection, which aims to present the authentic Taiwanese design, bamboo was chosen to be a significant material to present the Taiwanessness. These collaborations between the people drafting on the desks and those working manually in the workplaces influence each other. My research aims to discuses bamboo as an example to examinant the issues about the transformation, the impacts, and the conflicts on tradition, localness, vernacular designs, nostalgic memories, and the innovative elements which are all bound up within this material in the global design market setting.

Research interests

  • Design Anthropology
  • Museum Studies
  • Exhibition Design and Interpretation

Academic Background/Education

PhD Candidate in Anthropology, University College London, 2009

M.A. in Material and Visual Culture, Department of Anthropology, University College London, 2007

M.F.A. Graduate Institute of Architecture, National Tainan University of the Arts, 2004

B. Arch. Department of Architecture, Tamkang University, 2001

Honours and Awards

CCK Fellowships for Ph.D. dissertations Grants



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Government Scholarship to study abroad from The Ministry of Education of Taiwan

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